Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy Messages

Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy Messages: Every memory with the baby boy is important – his first step, gibberish talk, attempt to unwrap presents; first attempt to try the cake. Cake and presents tell us that nothing can be a great memory except birthdays.

So, here we are presenting you with a compilation of heart-melting birthday wishes for baby boy. Scroll through them and find your favorite birthday wishes for baby boy to send and create a joyous memory.

Our hearts jump up in joy whenever we see a baby boy running around. His laughter, screams, giggles over new toys everything melts our heart.

Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

  • For every candle on your cake, I would like to wish every dream of yours come true. You are awesome.
  • I may be counting my days to the last; I can still relive my childhood through you. Happy Birthday my dearest grandson. You are the apple of my eyes.
  • Wish you to have a magical day today. I think you can never be more amazing than you are now. Happy Birthday my dear nephew.
  • It is a blessing for me to have you as my nephew. You are the cutest and most adorable baby I have ever seen in my life. Have an awesome birthday my dearest nephew.
  • You are a budding superhero in disguise and have the power to brighten my day with your beautiful and adorable smile ever since you came into my life. Happy Birthday baby brother.
  • Indulge in cake and lots and lots of birthday presents today as I promise to not snatch them away from you for once. Have a brilliant birthday dear brother.
  • One year older, one year wiser. Have a joyful and happy birthday dear baby boy.
  • May you be the happiest soul today and every day. Happy Birthday handsome.
  • Eat as much cake as you want because it is your birthday. Wish you a brilliant birthday this year baby boy.
  • Accept a lot of kisses and hugs from us on your special day dear. Have a rocking birthday, kiddo.

Sweet Happy Birthday Messages for Baby Boy

May you have a brilliant birthday and some wonderful discoveries today. Happiest Birthday to you little man.

Happy birthday to the cutest boy who has stolen our hearts from day one. We cannot love you enough.

Wish you all the happiness in the world. Happy birthday my boy.

Happy 1st birthday boy! Wishing you all the happiness in the world!

Happy Birthday my little prince. You are the greatest gift the world has ever received.

Happy Birthday to the dearest bundle of joy.

Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy From Parents

  1. May you shine brighter than the brightest star in the sky, may your heart be warmer than the warmest lava drops. I wish you have a great and joyful birthday.
  2. It is an honor to watch you grow up with such grace and awesomeness. Happy birthday my little boy!
  3. We hope you find the path which leads you to your dreams in no time because you deserve every chance of being happy and successful. Happy Birthday, kiddo.
  4. We always notice how you try to overcome every difficulty of growing up alone and we are proud of you for that. Have an awesome birthday dear son.
  5. A tremendous kid like you deserves a tremendous celebration of his birthday. Mum and dad wish you everything the best in the world. Happy birthday, genius.
  6. You do make us feel restless all the time, but we are still lucky to have you as our son. Have the greatest birthday ever son.

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

Dreaming of changing your diapers to actually doing it we are kind of enjoying it. Happy 1st birthday boy, you are the one who brought smiles home and laughter to our happily ever after!

May god always find his way to bless you with love, happiness and success. Wishing you a very happy 1st birthday baby boy, you deserve all the happiness!

First child is always special but second is the most special but you my baby boy you will always be special. Happy 1st birthday son, god bless you!

1st birthdays are always special; they are cute and naughty with just one happy smile of our cutie. Happy 1st birthday baby boy!

Happy 1st birthday baby boy, you are our happy place all I just want to do is look at your growing face. Wishing you love and blessings cutie!

Your little fingers, your little feets, your little palms and your little toes. It reminds us that soon you are growing up, wishing you a very happy 1st birthday baby boy!

For all my life I have never been the happiest but looking at your smile gives me all kinds of chills baby boy. Happy 1st birthday baby boy, bless you!

You are turning one, my rising son. I bet all your life would be amazing as you want. Happy 1st birthday baby boy, I wish and bless you the best!

Today it will be hard for you to blow the candle but tomorrow when you grow you will be like “Mom, I don’t need candles” but I will always get for you. Happy 1st birthday baby boy!

Happy 1st birthday baby boy, the last year has been amazing and filled with fun. You are the best thing that ever happened to me!

1st Sweet Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

We love you to the moon and back and wish you a great happy first birthday. Your smile is the most precious thing in the world and we hope on this day, you smile a lot.

No day is more special than the first birthday of yours. May you make the world smile like you make us. Happy Birthday, dearest little angel.

The feelings we had when we first held you in our arms is indescribable. Cannot believe you have already turned one today. Happy Birthday, our blessing.

May God bless you with moments full of happiness and success all of your life. May you be blessed with joy every year in the future. Happy first birthday boy.

You have completed one year on earth and already we can see how impactful you have been for us. Happy Birthday, kiddo.

Can’t wait to see you grow old and play a golf with me. My son, my baby boy, dad loves you! Happy 1st birthday, here’s to love and laughter!

I did try to worry-less and not think about you but I guess that’s the part of the mom’s job. Happy 1st birthday heartbeat!

My good luck is at its best to have you in my life. Happy 1st birthday our munchkin, you are sole owner of our hearts baby boy!

You got the place of your dad in my heart and he likes it. Happy 1st birthday mom and dad loves you, wish you happiness and love!

Happy Birthday love. Thanks for making us parents and completing us.


Baby Boy 1st Birthday from Parents

Mom will always scold you to wrongdoing and dad will always save or vice versa because we both love you. Happy 1st birthday to our baby boy, have a cute one!

I want to take this moment and thank god for giving you to us and to celebrate your 1st birthday. Happy 1st birthday baby boy. Your parents love you so much!

Well, all the first together, happy 1st birthday baby boy. Mom and dad are proud and happy to have you in our lives. You are truly a blessing!

Happy 1st birthday baby boy, well us as your parents would also be celebrating our first birthday with you. Love you son!

People always say you have a cute face and smile but we are in love with your eyes and heart because that’s what makes you special. Happy 1st birthday baby boy!

I couldn’t tell you how happy your mom was to have you, we always thought to love each other more but then you happened and things changed. Happy 1st birthday baby boy!

You know it’s the first and last time when a baby cries and we smile. Happy 1st birthday to our baby boy, you will always find your way!

You parents are proud to have you, let me tell you today you will always be in our heart forever baby boy. Hope you enjoy your 1st birthday!

To all love and laughter, to your first and our happily ever after. Happy 1st birthday baby boy, loads of love and blessings!

Mom and dad will always love you, baby boy, you are the first wish upon the broken star and you came true. Happy 1st birthday baby boy!

2nd Happy Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

Happy second birthday to the happiest and the most awesome kid I have ever known. Have a day full of presents, blessings, and the best – CAKE!

Your smile warms our hearts like we are sitting beside a campfire on a winter night. We wish nothing but the best for you baby boy. Have a great second birthday.

Now that you have turned two, we cannot wait to see you climb up a tree, speak at the speed of a tornado & run like a deer. Happy Second Birthday our beautiful boy.

We pray all your dreams come true and you reign in this world with dignity and honor. Many happy returns of this day beautiful kid.

Congratulations! Now you are old enough to enjoy your birthday cake all by yourself. Happy Second Birthday sweetheart.

Happiest 2nd month birthday little one, dadda got you a cake and mom decorated it because we will always celebrate the day you were born! Love you!

It’s a vague memory when you were born but after that I have captured every moment of yours with me to cherish forever! Happy 2nd month birthday my little one!

A toddler took my heart away, an infant took my tears away with just one smile of you baby boy, I am so relieved and I wish you happy 2nd month birthday!

You are just two months old, but have made lots of fans already. I’m crazy to see you growing and making many admirers. Happy two months birthday!

We used to smile and laugh before you. We use to have fun and cheer too. But all of it was not as broad as after you. Thanks for filling so much of happiness in our life.

2nd Month Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

The day you were born I was the happiest person on this earth and this would remain the same forever because you brought that happiness baby boy. Happy 2nd month birthday!

Life is always about happiness and togetherness, having you in my family is the biggest blessing that I ever have. Happy 2nd month birthday baby boy!

I never thought one day I would be a father and take my little one on a ride and still be scared if he needs anything, happy 2nd month birthday baby boy!

Happy 2nd month birthday to our baby boy who brought joy and laughter with tears in the family. I wish that you always be this happy, love you!

2nd month Birthday wishes to our baby boy, well if you are wondering what these balloons are for then we are clicking picture to tell it was your birthday munchkin!

Your mom and I have captured all your little milestones that you have achieved let’s say, your first blink, first smile, first expression everything. Happy birthday baby boy!

Well, everyone says you are so beautiful that you are going to have so many girlfriends. I believe you will be mine forever baby boy, happy birthday!

You are 60 days old today little boy, in all these days you have completed me and with your little expression I was able to enjoy you. Happy 2nd month birthday baby boy!

Happy 2nd-month birthday baby boy feels like you were born just yet and it’s been 2 months already. Much love baby boy!

You are too little to understand this but you are 2 months old which means you are here for 60 days now and I love you 120 times. Happy 2nd-month birthday baby boy!


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