Wording for birthday party invitation message

Wording For Birthday Party Invitation Message: Here are some good examples of birthday invitation messages to appear on your birthday invitation card. You can share these messages on social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and personally send in inbox.

Wording For Birthday Party Invitation Message

Let us make full use of this __th birthday and have a get-together, dear ones. Hope to see you.

Hope you will make the birthday party glamorous with your presence. Looking forward to it.

We would be so delighted to have you join us for dinner on [date] as we celebrate the day our beloved [name] arrived in this world.

We want your company to taste some good food, pass some good times and enjoy some good birthday fun. Please be our guest on [date] to celebrate the birthday of [name]

We look forward to having the night of our life as we prepare ourselves for the spectacular celebration of the birthday of our beloved [name].

We are going to have a wonderful party at our residence on [date]. You, along with your family are most cordially invited to be with us.

Formal Birthday Invitation Messages

The birthday party on [date] will be magical and delighting if you just decide to bless us with your presence. You are invited!

It’s the most special day for me. As I was planning to throw a wonderful birthday party at our residence, your name came first on the list of the guests. Please be my guest!

Your presence at the birthday party will bring great delight in our hearts. We are looking forward to hosting you at the birthday party of our child.

With great pleasure, we want you to know that our baby is turning [age] on [date]. You are invited to have a share in our joy as we celebrate the day with our friends and family!

It’s the birthday of our beloved [name], and we want you to be with us during the spectacular celebration of the day. Please join us on [date] to share the joy.

The fun of a special day is incomplete without the presence of our friends. You are most cordially invited to our baby’s birthday party!

My Birthday Invitation Messages Wordings

You all are invited to have fun and celebrate me being a year older, may or may not be wiser.

Hope to see all my closed ones on my __th birthday. Do not come up with an excuse, dears.

Blend in my birthday party crowd and make everything 10x better. Let us enjoy it.

Hate how you guys could not throw a surprise birthday party for me. Just come to my home and chill.

Inviting all my friends on my new rocking ___th birthday. Be a part of this boom blasting celebration.

Hope you will join my birthday party and make me feel less old. Let us have a blast, mate.

Daughter’s Birthday Party Invitation Messages

It’s her birthday on [date] and we want to make sure that she spends the day with her favorite foods and favorite people. We invite you to be there!

Out little angel is growing up so fast that you won’t believe that she is turning [age] on [date]. We have decided to throw a party for her and she will be surprised to see you there. You are invited!

To wish our daughter a happy birthday come and join us. Be a part of such a tremendous celebration.

See you all at the delightful birthday party of our beloved daughter on her birthday. Come and bless her.

Our beautiful daughter will be celebrating her birthday this ____ evening. Join us at her birthday celebration and bless upon.

We are going to celebrate the birthday of our daughter with a big cake and a lot of fun. You are cordially invited to be a part of the beautiful night.

With great delight, we are inviting you to the most awaited birthday party of the year. Join us to have a share in our happiness and give your blessings to our daughter.

She is turning [age] just after a few days. Please be with us on [date] as we make this birthday of her a truly wonderful event to remember for life.

Come join us on [date] as we celebrate the birthday of our beautiful daughter [name]. Your presence there can be the reason for a big smile on her face.

Son’s Birthday Party Invitation Messages

You are chosen to be our guest for the special birthday treat of our son. Don’t forget the date and don’t deprive us of your magical presence!

As we have arranged a birthday party for our son, come and make the birthday party glamorous.

Inviting you to a day full of surprises and happy thoughts. Join and celebrate our little son getting older.

Every bit of happiness and sweets will be there in celebration of our son. Come and have a fun-filled time.

Funny Birthday Invitation Messages

My son needs plenty of presents from you on his birthday. So please be there at [time] on [date]. Don’t forget to bring your blessings too!

Please come to show your love and care for me on [date] as I celebrate my birthday. Bring some gifts for me if are a true friend of mine and bring nothing if you are a fake one.

Grace the party with your presence, and do not forget to bring me gifts. Looking forward to the gifts only.

I’m throwing wild and thrilling birthday party. All jungles are invited to have fun and make it exiting.

Please be at my birthday party to bless me and have fun. You will have a bad sex life for one year, you won’t come.

There will be dance, drinks and dinner. It’s my birthday way party, Offocure everything will be paid. Please come to celebrate.

You forgot to bring the gift last year. This time, no excuse will work. Please come with due gift as well.

My Dad has decided that this year he will celebrate my birthday. I welcome you all on his behalf in the party. Be on time and leave on time. venue [Time]

You are invited to my birthday party. Please come soon dear. And don’t forget to bring the gift, it is mandatory here.

1st Birthday Invitation Wording Indian Style

This is the party you can miss, there will be fun, entertainment and bliss. Today, I have turned one and looking for everyone.

Now I am one year old, I’m all set to rock and roll. To have fun and celebration on the day, a grand party I have thrown.

I invite you all in first birthday of my son. Cupcakes, drinks, dance and food, everything are here, as he has turn one.

I am cheerful, I am pretty, I am cute and naughty. To see my different shades be in my first birthday party. Join me in my celebration time, venue, date.

It gives me a great pleasure to invite you in my daughter’s birthday party who will turn one on —-date.

I am cute and full of innocence, come in my birthday party to have lots of fun. See you in the evening at my residence.

2nd Birthday Invitation Messages Wording

Little —- is now two, he is calling all of you. Come to party, enjoy drinks, snacks and food. Don’t forget to shower blessings too.

With all your warm wishes, I’m celebrating my second birthday. I want you blessings again, please come in the evening.

Today, I have turned two and looking for your blessings. Be the part of my birthday party and have a fun filled evening.

Happy- happy birthday dear, this song I want to hear from all of you. Please be in my birthday celebration in the evening.

(name) is turning two and want to celebrate birthday with all of you. Please come and wish her luck and charm. The party is at venue, time.

If you will skip my birthday party, I will not speak to you for the whole year. Join me in the celebration.

I am turning two, please come and wish me, happy birthday to you. The party is at Venue, time.

This is my second birthday celebration and you all are welcome. Please join me in the party at venue, time.

My son [name] has turn two. We have organized a birthday party on the occasion and your presence will make the celebration cheerful. Venue and time.


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