Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Boss with Images

Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Boss with images. Quotes, messages and text sms from employs, or junior and company worker. Get Happy marriage life wish for your sir.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Boss

Dear Sir, your pair impressed everyone and you breathe the love and happiness.

I can only hope this anniversary of your wedding, this beautiful harmony lasts forever! “Good luck to you both, you deserve it.

Here the wishes that I make on the occasion of your wedding anniversary is:-, that this anniversary is nice and spend the romantic or surrounded by those who love you In this year, you both love meet, spared by the care and full of enthusiasm for future projects.

Please send more and more harmonious and fulfilling life and best wishes to the anniversary.

I pray for the happiness of growing, heartfelt homage to the wonderful home built for two people so far.


Best wishes two of more and more of your happiness and your health.

We wish at the top. Breathe right 2 proportion of married couples who come around I guess.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes with Photos & Messages

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Boss

Wisdom comes not only from knowledge but also from going through the success and failures of life. And you two are classic examples of it. Your love and passion for each other have only grown with every passing year. May it continue to grow forever. All the love and wishes for your silver jubilee marriage anniversary.

Congratulations Sir for this wedding anniversary. It seems only yesterday that you 2 got married isn’t it! May you guys vow to each other on this occasion to see through the thick and thin with equal encouragement, vivacity, and effort. All the luck and blessings on this anniversary to you. Happy anniversary sir!

If there is one savior who has always stood by me during the tough times at the workplace, it is not you, but your better half. She clearly understands my pros and cons much better than you do. It is because of her only that I am still under your payroll. I wish her nothing but extreme thankfulness and gratitude. Happy wedding anniversary to both of you. Happy wedding anniversary!

When the going gets tough, the tough get going! This phrase is perfect for our loving boss who has probably seen more roller-coaster rides, ups and down in his / her life than we can imagine. And despite all that, you guys are celebrating the 25 years of a marriage anniversary. Speaks volume about your love for each other.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes in Kannada Messages

Happy Anniversary Wishes to Boss

Every relationship requires time, attention and nourishment through the course of time. But the rewards of it are extremely sweet. Not too many times I encounter such people, especially a Boss like this. Needless to say, I feel amazing to have a Boss like you. All the wishes for your 25 years of marriage anniversary Boss!

Success was always inevitable in your professional life. After all, you have such a loving and caring partner who stands by your side in every challenging endeavor. It’s amazing to see you complete 25 years of anniversary. May the partnership continues well beyond the 50th anniversary; till infinity I wish.

You may be my boss, but I am really frank with you because you are the most charming and loving personality. Happy Anniversary sir!

Happy wedding anniversary sir, Your life is busy and fast, but I guess you are a good person also and it means that you care about your family a lot.

Your arrival as our boss was a little strange because you looked like a boring but with the passage of time, we realized that you are a very interesting boss. Happy Anniversary sir!

May you see all the years of a happy marriage and companionship, as this is the best pray I can do for you. Enjoy your anniversary.

It warms my heart to see the intense sparkle in both of your eyes when you look at each other; that benevolent child-like smile and the fervent desire to do well not only personally but professionally too. You two are the rare gems in this world that personify a marriage. Happy 25 years of marital life

Wedding Anniversary Wishes in Malayalam

Wedding Anniversary Wishes to my Boss

While your hairs may have turned grey, but your charm, charisma, and aura are as refreshing as a youthful man. You have been an excellent mentor to many raw talents like me. Merely sitting in your proximity infuses my mind with altruism and positivity. Grateful for such Bosses! Happy anniversary to you!

No fact can be any more prideful for an organization that its founders are enjoying 10 years of blissful wedding. It speaks volumes about your determination, adaptability and the ability to have faith through the thick and thin. Your personal life is truly admirable Boss. Happy 10 years of a Wedding anniversary. I hope it goes well beyond the 100 marks!

The emotional intelligence, hard work and the noblest of intentions that you have shown for the last 5 years is a direct result of your faith in altruism, morality and selfless concern for the juniors. You are the quintessential Boss under whom everyone thrives and blossoms. Happy 5 years marriage anniversary to you sir.

Despite the tumultuous affairs of our workplace, it only seems that the challenging times bring the best out of you. I am certain such applaudable characteristic quality doesn’t come without an equally appreciative partner. Even after 25 years, you guys are kicking and I am so glad to see such longevity in your relationship. Happy anniversary sir!

In all my professional career, I have never wished for a Boss for the 4th anniversary. Despite being a mogul, and having so much wealth and fortune, you are exemplary to all the young generations. May you and your wife enjoy longevity and immense joy forever. Happy anniversary Sir.

There are some misunderstandings between every couple, but I appreciate the way you both always deal with your problems.

Anniversary Wishes for Son and Daughter in law

Wedding Anniversary messages to Bass/Sir

May the love u have between u, remain for a hundred of years and u both see a lot of success in your life. happy anniversary Boss!

I wish that u feel each other as perfect personalities and may u both see n immerging love for each other. Very very wish 2 u sir!

Congratulation, Relations are sometimes limited to only names & regularities, but your relation looks like a relation of heart and soul to each other.

Your family is the beautiful family ever, u both are blessed with each other and then u both got beautiful children. u seem cutest family ever.

I make a suggestion that u both enjoy today’s day with great charm and celebrate it at some beautiful place. Wish u a very happy anniversary.

Anniversary is the best time to share the feelings, to tell each other that you care for each other. It’s a time to revise your promises and refresh them. Wish u a very happy anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes Images in HD

Best Anniversary to Boss

I don’t have many things to share with u on this day of your anniversary, but I can pray that u both see amazing life ahead and u both succeed in your relations. Wish u a very happy anniversary.

This is a set of words to wish you your anniversary and I know it cannot express my feelings, but it’s the only way to show you my care.Wish u a very happy anniversary.

I was ever inspired to u was only because of your business mind, but now I realize that your family relations are also a thing to be inspired with.Wish u a very happy anniversary.

A successful marriage isn’t defined by the years, but by happiness, it brings to the hearts. May this happiness be the best companion of your marriage! Happy 10th wedding anniversary !

True love never fades. Be it for a day or a decade, true lovers will always shine brighter than the rest. Happy 10th marriage anniversary sir!

In this world full of fake people, fake emotions and fake relationships, the only thing that is real is your love for each other. 20 years of your being happily married proved that very well! wish u very very happy anniversary!

Remembering u in our prayers on this special day of yours. May u always be surrounded by the warm love that keeps u together. Happy 2nd anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes in Marathi ! Quotes, Messages

1st wedding anniversary wishes to my Boss

May God fill your life with more beautiful moments and colorful memories in the coming years. Happy 1st anniversary to both of you! Happy marriage anniversary Sir.

Happy One Year to us! For your information, I still hate your snores and yes, I was the one who had burnt your ugly yellow sock. Love you too! Happy marriage anniversary Sir.

Cheers to this beautiful moment. Wishing both of you a lifetime of happiness and love on this special day. Happy 1st anniversary! Happy marriage anniversary Sir.

May God continue to bless your marriage for many years to come. Sending my warmest wishes as you celebrate the very first year of your beautiful marriage! Happy anniversary Sir.

Love and loyalty are the two ingredients of marriage that guarantee an everlasting bond. May you have a wonderful celebration of this day! Congratulations! Happy marriage anniversary Sir.

Two beautiful lovebirds are celebrating their 1st anniversary and we all are so happy that they’ve made it. Congratulations to both of you! Happy wedding  anniversary Sir.

Your bond will only grow strong because your hearts were meant for each other. Wishing you a joyful celebration of this day. Happy first wedding anniversary! Happy wedding  anniversary Sir.

The first stage of a successful marriage is completed. Congratulations to both of you because you’ve made us all so proud. Happy wedding anniversary Sir.

It’s great to see you two happy and content with each other. I pray to God that you two always stay sweet and loving forever. Happy 1st anniversary! Happy wedding anniversary Sir.

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