Bridal Shower Invitation Messages and Wording

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Formal Bridal Shower Initiation Message

We humbly invite you to celebrate the bride-to-be (name)’s as she prepares to enter into a journey of her life.

Honor the bride-to-be (name) with your wonderful presence and help her to have a beautiful bridal shower with lots of lovable memories.

The big sunny day jingling the wedding bell is almost here, We cordially invite you to celebrate the bridal shower of (Bride’s name) before she walks on the aisle.

You are invited to the bridal shower of the beautiful bride-to-be (name). Please come and help us to celebrate this day with hugs and gifts.

Join us as we shower the bride before her big auspicious day with lots of love.

We cordially invite you to our friend/daughter/colleague/sister’s bridal shower. Let us shower her with love, kisses, and hugs before her big day.

Let’s honor the beautiful Bride with a surprise Bridal shower.

Please join us in honoring the bride-to-be before her big day by throwing a surprise bridal shower.

Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

A new and beautiful bride is on her way let her give love and surprise on this day!

(Name of the Bride and Groom) are heading to their big hour But first let us surprise the bride with a beautiful bridal shower.

String up the lights, decorate the flower Let’s have a surprise bridal shower.

Join us to celebrate the bride-to-be bridal shower before she starts her journey of “Happily Ever After”.

Here comes the bride (name), but before that let’s shower her with our affection.

Let’s toast the future Mrs. Please join us in honor of (name of the bride) at her bridal shower.

Our queen bee has found a king for herself Let’s shower her with love and gifts before she ties the knot.

Her big moment is almost here but before that, Please join us to celebrate once with love and cheer.

Let’s shower the bride to be with your treasured presence, heart-warming gifts and make beautiful memories together.

Come to give the bride to be your kisses, Before she turns from Miss to Mrs.

Funny Bridal Shower Invitation Message

Sip, Sip, Hooray! We are arranging a surprise bridal shower for our bride-to-be. You are allowed to bring ‘wink wink’ drinks to celebrate it boldly.

A bridal shower with girl power. All girlfriends of our beautiful bride-to-be are invited for a surprise bridal shower of (name of the bride.)

Come to celebrate the last day of freedom of our beloved bride-to-be. You may bring appropriate gifts as well.

Come, let us celebrate her last name (Bride’s last name) for one last time.

Join us to celebrate the bridal shower of (Bride’s name) before she turns Mrs. From Miss.

Before she says, ‘I do’, let’s knock some sense into her or throw a bridal shower. Shall we?

Come pop the bubbly bride before her big day.

Ssshhh!! It’s a surprise bridal shower invitation for you to honor (Bride’s name). Do not tell her if you meet her on your way!

The aisle, the flower, the gate, the vows – all waits for the big day but a heart-touching bridal shower is the ultimate gift to the bride that you can give to her. It will bring memories and affection in her later life whenever she wants to be flooded by your love by remembering those days. Nail your maid of honor or bridesmaids’ duties with our free and unique bridal shower invitation messages.

You can use it as free online bridal shower invitations on social media, in a bridal shower invitation card, in a text, or call your friends and family to join your bridal shower, even use it if you are a bride yourself. Go overboard and create beautiful memories for the fortunate bride-to-be.

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